News From Around PA

1.) PA Commission on LGBTQ Affairs sends letter to General Assembly telling them they need to pass homosexual special rights bills

2.) The nation’s largest homosexual lobby group, the Human Rights Campaign now has 14 on the ground to get out the “Equality Voters” in November.

3.) Philadelphia ‘gay’ man sues Guess, Inc. saying he was wrongly terminated.

4.) USPS is asking a federal judge to dismiss the lawsuit brought by a former Allentown letter carrier who claims he was fired because of his sexual orientation and HIV-positive status.

News From National Scene

1.) Kroger’s being sued by two Christian women.

2.) Did Nashville distort the number of COVID cases?

3.) Senator Ted Cruz calls for an investigation into Netflix.

4.) Journal of Family Psychology paper says two parents aren’t necessary.

5.) Transgender wins Delaware state senate primary.

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