News From Around PA

1.) State Rep Daryl Metcalfe received a phone call from the FBI inquiring as to his whereabouts on January 6th, after receiving a tip from the tip line.

2.) Philly ‘gay’ man sues former employer after his dismissal, along with 32 other employees, claiming he was dismissed for being ‘gay.’

3.) Allentown School District teacher suspended for attending January 6th rally in DC.

News From National Scene

1.) Day one actions taken by Biden Administration will negatively impact immigration policy.

2.) 1776 Commission has been disbanded. Biden White House removes its report, but its January 18th report can be found here

3.) President Biden rejoins Paris Climate Accord and blocks construction of Keystone XL Pipeline.

4.) Architect of DACA has been tapped to head Department of Homeland Security.

5.) Biden Administration pledges to codify Roe V. Wade

6.) President Biden signs executive order forcing schools to allow gender confused boys to play in girls’ sports and use their facilities.

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