April 24, 2019


Allegheny County Only – Oppose Ban on Talk Therapy, sign the petition


Allegheny County Council President John DeFazio has introduced Bill # 11000-19.  If passed, it will amend the “Health and Sanitation” code of the Allegheny County Code by creating a new Chapter 540 entitled “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Conversion Therapy.”  This new ordinance would ban talk therapy for minors with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion – leaving them trapped with these feelings.

The LGBT activists pushing these ordinances misrepresent what this therapy does, painting it as using harmful methods such as electric shock treatment or describing it as attempting to “Pray away the gay.”  That is why they use the term “conversion therapy,” instead of reparative therapy or talk therapy.  Such bans are wrong on many levels

Action Steps

Sign the petition opposing this ordinance. 
Feel free to print off a copy to circulate here

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