April 18, 2017


What is Your Child’s School Doing on the Day of Silence?


The Day of Silence is a day set aside by GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network) to highlight the silence LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning) students must endure each day because of who they are.  GLSEN alleges “anti-LGBTQ name-calling, bullying ad harassment in schools” forces these students into silence.    April 21st is the day most middle and high schools and colleges will hold the Day of Silence this year.   Some schools groups may choose a different day.  Be aware that if your child’s school has a Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Club or some other club dealing with “respect and tolerance,” they will probably be planning for the Day of Silence.

This is supposedly a “student-led national event,” but whoever registers with GLSEN “will be provided free downloadable posters, organizing resources and a 25% discount off all Day of Silence merchandise in the GLSEN Shop.”

The AFA of PA fully supports the idea that all students should be provided a safe learning environment, but keep in mind GLSEN and homosexual/transgender activists define saying anything negative about these lifestyle choices, even on moral grounds, as bullying and harassment!   Listen to my interview with Laurie Higgins, Illinois Family Institute’s Cultural Affairs Writer, for more details on the dangers of the Day of Silence — as its sole purpose is to reaffirm the homosexual/transgender lifestyles. Listen to the steps she took on the Day of Silence when her daughter was in public school. Click here to listen.

Action Steps

The AFA of PA has once against joined the Day of Silence Walkout Coalition and encourages you to contact your school with one simple question:   Will you allow students and/or teachers to refuse to speak during instructional time on the Day of Silence?

Do NOT ask if the school is sponsoring the Day of Silence, as technically they are not.  Remember it’s supposed to be “student-led.”

If the school answers the question in the affirmative, then plan on keeping your child home that day.   Absent students = lost $$ and sometimes that’s the only thing with which school administrators are concerned!

The Day of Silence Walkout Coalition has more information on their website — including a Sample Call Out Letter.  You can find all that information here 

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