June 2, 2023


Gay Pride Month – What it really means!


Gay Pride used to be just one day, now it’s an entire month!  The month that used to be remembered for weddings and Father’s Day is now remembered as LGBTQ+ Pride Month.  It is a month that is used extensively to promote the normalization of being ‘gay,’ lesbian, bisexual, transgender or whatever other lifestyle choice they want to promote.  What has happened?

Proverbs 16: 18  — “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.” 

Corporate America, the media and the public education system have played major roles!  The Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN) has worked tirelessly to get Gay Straight Alliance Clubs (GSAs) into schools.  These LGBTQ-affirming clubs now go by other names, but they are all the same. Under the guise of promoting ‘safety’ for students who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, they push “Days of Action”  (remember they are very good at using innocent sounding names, but their ultimate goal is to promote the LGBTQA+ agenda):  No Name Calling Week, Day of Silence, Changing the Game, Solidarity Week.

We’ve all heard of Target, Kohls and  Anheuser-Busch pro-LGBTQ promotions (there are many more!).  Their stocks have plummeted and they’ve lost billions of dollars, but the LGBTQ crowd wants them to stand up to the “extremist groups”.  From GLSEN’s website: 

“At this moment, it’s critical that Target champions equity and inclusion as it has for over a decade. Target consistently tops the list for brands that show genuine, authentic support of the LGBTQ+ community through outreach and policies. Target received recognition for outstanding commitment to DEI from the Executive Leadership Council in 2022. It’s time to prove the recognition was earned.

When it comes to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion, there is no such thing as neutrality. We’re calling on Target to release a public statement in the next 24 hours reaffirming their commitment to the LGBTQ+ community, put Pride merchandise back on the sales floor and online in full, and ensure safety of team members who are on the front lines.”

Will Target cave even as the LA Dodgers did?  The end of May, Bud Light donated $200,000 to the National LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce!!  So much for them ‘feeling the pain’ of promoting the LGBTQ-agenda! Here’s a list of GLSEN’s corporate partners.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation’s largest LGBTQ lobby group, also signed onto the demand letter to Target.  Several years ago, the HRC created the Corporate Equality Index which critiques corporations as to how LGBTQ-friendly their policies are.  Too many corporations want to receive a 100% score from HRC and are willing to use their profits to promote that agenda.  Here’s a list of HRC’s corporate partners.  

Action Steps

Right now the fervor is surrounding “Pride Month,” but will Christians remain diligent after this month?  These corporations’ policies will not change on July 1; they will continue supporting, either monetarily or through in-you-face promotion of, the LGBTQ agenda.  Where we spend our money says a lot?  Here’s one alternative to shopping at the “woke” corporations.

Contact Anheuser-Busch’s contact form here

Contact Kohl’s  here (there are several options)

Email the LA Dodgers at   or call 866-DODGERS extension 7

Contact Target  –  here are a couple numbers you can call:  612-304-6073  or 800-440-0680

You can also contact your local Kohls and Target.  BTW:  Walmart has a small ‘pride’ display also!  Be polite, but firm in your interactions with these woke corporations

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