June 9, 2023


Stop the Taxpayer Funded Fetal Experiments


It’s budget season in PA and the legislature gets to decide how and where to spend our money!  Evidence has come out that the University of Pittsburgh is engaged with fetal tissue experiments using body parts from aborted babies.  Last year there was an attempt to strip funding to the University of Pittsburgh because of the fetal tissue research they are conducting.   In the end, the University of Pittsburgh received $151 million in the state budget.  Yes, part of that money was used for continued fetal tissue research.  Their source for these babies is the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and Magee-Women’s Hospital of UPMC, where more abortions are performed than in any other hospital in the state.  There are also atrocious allegations, including labor-induced, partial-birth abortions used in order to obtain the “fetal tissue”.  Did you know Planned Parenthood has an abortion training fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh?

There will be another attempt to defund the University of Pittsburgh until they cease and desist conducting these experiments. 

Action Steps

Contact your State Rep and ask him or her to support defunding the University of Pittsburgh until they stop these experiments on aborted babies. 

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