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July 1, 2015


Supreme Court Marriage Decision Was Only the Beginning


Now that homosexuals have so called “marriage equality,” they are demanding more, even as the AFA of PA and others predicted. Friday’s US Supreme Court decision finding a “fundamental right” in the US Constitution to so-called same-sex marriage will have an immediate adverse effect upon those with a differing view.

  • Churches are being targeted: Fusion senior editor Felix Salmon — “If your organization does not support the right of gay men and women to marry, then the government should be very clear that you’re in the wrong. And it should certainly not bend over backwards to give you the privilege of tax exemption.” He concludes by writing, “it is entirely right and proper for the state to say to a church that if you want to thumb your nose at a fundamental right which is held by all Americans, then we are not going to privilege you with tax-free status. We’ll let you practice your bigotry, at least within the confines of your own church. But we’re not about to reward you for doing so.” He is echoing New York Times writer Mark Oppenheimer’s views.

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