October 10, 2022


The VA is Allowing Abortions, but the law says something else


Since the passage of the Veterans Healthcare Act in 1992 federal law has prohibited Veterans Affairs from allowing abortions to be performed in their facilities or even counsel in favor of abortion!  Apparently, the Biden Administration and the VA have forgotten this law as last month the VA announced a new regulation, effective immediately, which allows VA facilities to perform abortions even in states where abortion has been banned.

The new rule allows the VA to perform abortions in case of rape, incest, and the health of the mother.  However, there is no definition provided for “the health of the mother”, thus it is left up to the interpretation of the doctor – opening the door wide for all abortions.  Additionally, the new rule does not place a limit on how late the abortion may be performed – opening the door to abortions up to the moment of birth! And . . . to top it all off, there are no protections for doctors at the VA who do not want to perform abortions. 

Action Steps The proper procedure – which was ignored – is to take public comment BEFORE a rule change takes place!  So, now that the new rule is in place, the VA is asking for public comment.  However, the public comment period ends tomorrow, October 11.  By law, they must review all the public comments.  Those pushing abortion are leaving their comments in support of the rule change, we need to overwhelmingly counter their pro-abortion comments.   You can leave a comment here

Your comments could include:

  • The VA should be following existing law, not skirting it.  Why is the Veterans Healthcare Act of 1992 being ignored?
  • Why would the VA want to kill future airmen, soldiers, sailors, and Marines?
  • The VA should be concerned with protecting the most innocent, not destroying the innocent.
  • The VA does not have the constitutional right to override a state’s right to ban abortion. 


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