July 26, 2023


Abortion Protection Co-Sponsorship Memo


On July 18 Democrat State Senators Amanda Cappelletti and Judith Schwank began circulating a co-sponsorship memo for an “Abortion Protection Package”.   It says in part, “We will soon be introducing a package of bills to ensure the Commonwealth is not complicit in other states’ efforts to attack bodily autonomy. While we cannot prevent other states from criminalizing abortion, we can protect individuals seeking and providing reproductive health services in the Commonwealth. We can take a stance against the use of our criminal justice system from assisting in those prosecutions.’   The package includes six bills.  Click here to read the co-sponsorship memo and scroll down that page to read a brief synopsis of each bill to be introduced.     

They are seeking to codify former Governor Wolf’s executive order “to protect persons seeking reproductive health care services in Pennsylvania and medical professionals offering those services from discipline in other states.”

Action Steps

If you have not already, let your State Senators know you do not believe abortion is healthcare and you do not support this proposed package of bills.  Contact your State Senator and ask him or her not to sign on as a co-sponsor of these proposed bills.

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