September 22, 2023


Thank Senator Tuberville for Standing Firm


The Left is claiming they’ve worked around Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville’s blockade of almost 300 Pentagon’s nominees for generals and flag officers because of the military’s new policy that provides paid leave and  travel expense reimbursements for military personnel to travel to get an abortion.  Senator Tuberville notes this violates the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal funds from paying for abortions.

 Normally these nominees are voted on in one block by voice vote rather than individual roll call votes.   The Democrats have blamed Senator Tuberville for months saying his actions are impacting national security.  One of the loudest complainers is Senator Tammy Duckworth  (D-IL), who by the way, blocked 1,123 Pentagon nominees back in 2020 until the Defense secretary bowed to her demand to protect the status of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who played a key role in bringing the whistleblower complaint against then-President Donald Trump that led to Trump’s first impeachment in 2019.  The Democrats depend upon us having short memories!

Anyway, on Wednesday Senator Tuberville had planned to bring a motion to the floor of the Senate to force a vote on Gen. Eric Smith’s promotion to U.S. Marine Corps commandant.  Instead, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, in an effort to take credit, filed cloture on the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the commandant of the Marine Corp, and the army chief of staff.  Each would be voted on individually, which Senator Tuberville noted could have been done months ago! 

The Left is saying they beat the senator’s blockade, when in reality Senator Tuberville won in forcing the individual votes and vows to continue saying, “As long as the Pentagon keeps the unlawful elective abortion policy in place, my holds will remain.”

Action Steps

Thank Senator Tuberville for his bold stand for the rule of law as the pressure for him to relent will continue.   The number for his DC office is 202-224-4124; his district office in Birmingham is 205-760-7307 or his Dothan office is 334-547-7441.

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