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For Immediate Release:  September 20, 2019
Contact:  Diane Gramley  814-271-9078

Pennsylvania Leader to Attend News Conference/Protest at Kinsey Institute

(Indianapolis, IN) – Today American Family Association of PA (AFA of PA) president Diane Gramley will attend a news conference/protest outside the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN.   The news conference will help expose the negative impact of the so-called research done by Alfred Kinsey.

This from a 2012 article by Donna Gallagher and Mandi Campbell, Esq.:

“Dr. Alfred Kinsey was a biologist studying the mating habits of gall wasps when he became a curious self-proclaimed expert on human sexuality.  In 1948, Kinsey published his research in what is known as The Kinsey Reports:  Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and in 1953, Sexual Behavior in the Human Female.  Using research derived from male prisoners and females who were single or prostitutes – certainly not unbiased samples – to determine that a large percentage of the male population was sexually deviant and a large portion of the female population was promiscuous, according to the norms of society during that time, and therefore, found it necessary to redefine the norm. 

In so doing, Kinsey also researched children to determine when they became sexual beings. Sexually abusing children as young as infants, Kinsey concluded that children are sexual at birth that that sexual abuse does not negatively impact children. These are conclusions that every psychotherapist in the nation would likely challenge today. However, at the time, Kinsey was a respected scientist associated with Indiana University, a pioneer in human sexuality, and his publicly funded research began to shift the winds of public policy, despite his egregious research methods that included sexually abusing, and encouraging other adults to sexually abuse hundreds of children.”

The AFA of PA, a statewide pro-family organization, has helped expose the dangers of pornography use to both the user and his or her family, the dangerous uptick in child porn use as a result of the federal government’s refusal to prosecute illegal obscenity.   The AFA of PA also encourages the passage of municipal-level zoning and licensing ordinances to regulate sexually oriented businesses in order to lessen the negative impact on the community.

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