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Action Alert – Protecting Kids from Objectionable Material in Streaming Video

Technology has changed greatly since 2005 when the Family Movie Act was passed. The law needs upgraded to allow parents to filter graphic and explicit content from movies they stream into their homes. HR 6816, the Family Movie Act Clarification Act of 2018, was introduced in September, but it continues to languish in committee. Contact your Congressman and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan asking them to fast track the bill and pass it during the lame duck session.

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Action Alert – Congress is Still in Session and Needs to Do Its Job

Yes, we are a nation of immigrants, but we are also a nation of laws. Congress seems oblivious to the threats to our nation’s sovereignty because of their inaction. The wall has not been funded nor have dangerous loopholes in our immigration laws been closed. The party which is all for opening the borders to whomever is about to take control of the House and yet the GOP leadership does not seem to be concerned! Let them know you are concerned!

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