Blog:  911 Cross Can Stay911 Cross

Atheists assert in a lawsuit that the very existence of the Ground Zero Cross causes them mental pain, headaches and indigestion. They are expressing additional mental and physical anguish with yesterday’s decision handed down by a three-judge panel of the Second US Circuit Court of appeals. The panel unanimously rejected the American Atheists’ lawsuit saying the challenge “fails on the merits” and told them to come back with reasonable objections to the cross.

Why did the atheists group use this tactic and not a First Amendment argument? Are they so offended by the very appearance of a cross that even the acknowledgement of religion as part of our history is offensive to them. Other groups like the Freedom from Religion Foundation rely upon attacking Christian symbols by saying they violate the First Amendment and the Establishment Clause. Will these groups now begin pulling the ‘victim card’ in their efforts to erase our Christian heritage off the face of the US map?

The US Supreme Court has ruled exhibits like the Ground Zero Cross are constitutional and do not violate the Establishment Clause.

As Americans, we need to become better educated in our nation’s real history, not the revised version that students are being taught in public schools today.  Here’s a good website to begin.

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