Blog: Atheists to National Guard – Bibles Must GoNational Guard

One new enlistee with the Missouri National Guard is frightened to be in the same room with Bibles — Gideon Bibles are the most dangerous ones! He complained to an organization of which he is a member — the American Atheist Association — saying, “Many people had taken the religious literature including recruits as well as those beginning the enlistment procedures. I was not approached by anyone with the literature, though it was quite prominently displayed on the shelf.”

According to the Army Times, ” U.S. Military Entrance Processing Command allows “nonfederal entities” to distribute materials in their offices, spokeswoman Christine Parker said, but has no umbrella policies regarding what those materials can contain, leaving their contents to the discretion of the individual location commander.”

Cmdr. Nathan Christensen, with the Office of the Secretary of Defense, further responded in a statement, “Non-Federal entities may request and when authorized in writing by the unit commander may place secular or religious literature for use (including, but not limited to, Bibles, pamphlets, tracts, and texts) in a location on the base or recruiting station designated by the commander. Should the presence of any provided material adversely impact the accomplishment of the mission, the commander has the discretion to remove all literature that threatens good order and discipline.”

The National Guard did not back down after receiving the threatening letter from the American Atheist Association and the Bible distribution continues – shall we say with the blessing of the Department of Defense.

One must wonder just how well the complaining enlistee will handle a real threat when faced with one?

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