Blog Post – Russia Invades Ukraine and US Gas Prices Go Up — WHY?

Last night Russian Premier Vladimir Putin order his military forces to invade Ukraine.  Days ago President Biden announced such an invasion would cause the price of gas here in the US to go up.  Why should this be?

In December 2020  in northwestern PA, the average price of regular unleaded gas was $2.63.  That was thanks to President Trump’s policies which brought us energy independence.  Day one of the Biden administration saw a slew of executive orders, including revoking the cross-border Keystone XL pipeline and rejoining the Paris climate accord.  As they say, elections have consequences! 

Yes, elections have consequences and Americans continue to suffer under the policies of this current administration.  We now see a barrel of oil nearing $100, last seen in 2014, while 2020 closed out around $48 a barrel. Some Wall Street analysts are even eyeing the possibility of oil hitting as high as $150 a barrel.   Here in northwestern PA, we are now averaging $3.75 a gallon for gas!

“I want to limit the pain that the American people are feeling at the pump,” Biden said in a speech on Tuesday. “This is critical.”

As all eyes are on Russia and Ukraine, President Biden now sees the price of gas at the pump – something the average American must face every day!  News accounts abound as to how a Russian invasion of Ukraine will cause a rise in the price of gas here in the US.  However, little or nothing is said about the policies under Biden that have caused an increase in gas prices!  As noted above, the price of gas has risen over a dollar a gallon in one year’s time and that was long before Putin’s threat to Ukraine!  So . . . who’s to blame for that increase in gas prices as well as the overall increase in energy costs — electricity, natural gas, etc.?

Could this be yet another distraction to divert America’s attention away from the failed policies of the current administration?  Oh yes . . . and the media is touting the renewal of the Iran nuclear deal as a good thing that will help bring oil prices down once Iran is able to put its oil on the global market again.  We’ll just ignore the global threat Iran poses!

Why should a nation with as many natural resources as God has blessed the United States with be dependent upon other nations for our needs?  

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