January 7, 2020


Info on PA Senate District 48 Candidates – don’t forget to vote on the 14th

Details The State Senate District 48 seat has been vacant since early fall.  It was vacated upon the resignation of Mike Folmer, who has been charged with possession of child pornography.  The special election is set to take place Tuesday, January 14th.  This email is being sent to all those on our alert list who reside in Lebanon, Dauphin and York Counties.  Even though Lebanon County is the only one entirely in Senate District 48 (SD 48), we hope that recipients in Dauphin and York Counties who do not live within Senate District 48 will share the enclosed information with family and friends who do live within SD 48.

   In Dauphin County the following municipalities are in SD 48:  Conewago Township, Highspire Boro, Londonderry Township, Lower Swatara Township, Middletown Boro, Paxtang Boro, Royalton Boro, Steelton Boro, Swatara Township.

  In York County the following municipalities are in SD 48: Conewago Township, East Manchester Township, Goldsboro Boro, Lewisberry Boro, Manchester Boro, Mount Wolf Boro, Newberry Township, Springettsbury Township, and York Haven Boro.

 Here are some differences between the two candidates: 

GOP: Dave Arnold– Lebanon County District Attorney
1.) Pro-Life
  2.) Pro-Second Amendment (NRA member)                      
  3.) Supports Fracking                                                                   
  4.) Supports eliminating property tax –  (especially for seniors on fixed incomes)                      

Democrat: Michael Schroeder-history professor at Lebanon Valley College and environmentalist
 1.)  Pro-abortion
2.)  Supports strong background checks; “red flag laws”
3.)  Strongly opposes fracking and gas pipelines (wants a constitutional amendment banning fracking)
4.)  Opposes elimination of property tax; wants to share the tax burden “more equitably”; wants to tax dividends, royalties and estates

Dave Arnold’s website is here

Michael Schroeder’s website is here

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