April 14, 2011


Keep Your Kids Home From School Tomorrow!  Day of Silence Update


Tomorrow is the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network’s (GLSEN) Day of Silence.  A very disturbing situation was discovered over the weekend on one of GLSEN’s Facebook pages – Gay Straight Alliances.  What was discovered is yet more evidence of GLSEN’s goal of ‘encouraging’ students to experiment with homosexual sex.  This and GLSEN’s  list of “Recommended Books” including books which go into graphic details about sexual encounters between older homosexual men and young teens who are questioning their sexuality.  The Gay Straight Alliances Photos’ Facebook page included several very disturbing links.

One link is a photo of five young, shirtless Thai men that takes students to this website: HERE.

Another seven links take students to this website (warning: extremely graphic material): HERE.

As soon as pro-family leaders went public with these links on Monday, GLSEN immediately removed them. Here’s the GSA Facebook Photos page as of 4.10.11.  Does this look like an organization which cares about kids?

Wondering whether your school is participating?  The folks in Springfield Township, Delaware County have no doubt.  Here’s a photo of the Springfield High School sign taken by a concerned citizen on Monday.  The sign has reportedly been “relieved” of the Day of Silence information.  In the past many schools in southeastern PA and metropolitan/suburban areas around the state have participated.  Don’t assume your child’s school is not one of them.   Additionally, living in a rural area does not exempt you from the very real possibility that your school is participating!

Action Steps

1.) Need more reasons why the Day of Silence is a bad idea.  Click here for more reasons.

2.) Contact your school, but DO NOT ask if they are sponsoring the Day of Silence.  Technically it is ‘student-led.’ Instead ask if the school will allow students and/or teachers not to speak during instructional time.  Click here for more instructions.

3.) Go to this page which includes a sample ‘Call Out Letter” for parents to send to their child’s school as to why they are keeping their child home.  The bottom of this page has a list of the coalition members also.

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