July 22, 2011

Issues  (check corresponding number in ‘Details’ and ‘Action’ Sections)

1.)  The Response: a call to pray for a nation in crisis

2.)  Cut, Cap and Balance


1.)  The American Family Association is sponsoring “The Response: a call to pray for a nation in crisis” on August 6th at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas.  This day of prayer and fasting is being called by Texas Governor Rick Perry and he is asking his fellow state governors to join him.  Thus far Maine Governor Paul LePage has also called for a national day of fasting and prayer, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal have expressed support and Washington Governor Christine Gregoire has pledged to host her own event that day.  No one has heard from Governor Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania yet!  Needless to say the ACLU of Texas and the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) are not happy.  FFRF has filed a federal lawsuit seeking to block Governor Perry’s participation in the August 6th event.  The ACLU has filed a Right to Know Request forcing disclosure of any amount of tax-payer dollars and other state or local government resources used to promote the prayer event.  NOTE:  The event is being held in a private stadium and paid for by private donations.

2.)  On July 19th Cut, Cap and Balance (HR 2560)  passed the US House by a vote of 234 to 190.  For Pennsylvania the ‘Aye’ votes were Lou Barletta, Charlie Dent, Mike Fitzpatrick, Jim Gerlach, Mike Kelly, Tom Marino, Patrick Meehan, Tim Murphy, Joe Pitts, Todd Russell Platts, Bill Shuster and Glenn Thompson.  And all of Pennsylvania’s  seven Democratic Congressmen voted ‘No.’    This morning a vote to table the measure took place in the Senate.  HR 2560 was tabled by a vote of 51 to 46 with Senator Casey voting to table and Senator Toomey voting to proceed. Thus, at this point, it is ‘dead in the water.’

Action Steps

1.)  Not many of us from Pennsylvania will probably make the trip to Houston on August 6th, but there are other ways we can participate such as planning a local “The Response” event, live stream the Houston event at your church or home, pray and fast in the coming weeks in preparation for the event.  The AFA asked that you register (free) so they better gauge the level of participation.  Click here for free registration for “The Response:  a call to pray for a nation in crisis.”  Also, if you believe Governor Corbett should join with his fellow governors and support The Response and call for a national day of fasting and prayer on August 6th, please contact him by clicking here.

2.)  The budget and debt ceiling questions boil down to:  “Can the United States continue borrowing $.40 of every dollar it spends and remain solvent?”  I believe we all agree that we cannot run our households or businesses like that and expect to survive such an irresponsible economic strategy, so how does the US government expect to be able to pull it off?  Do you agree with the way your Congressman  and US Senators  voted on Cut, Cap and Balance?  Why not let them know.

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