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For Immediate Release :  December 8, 2011
Contact:  Diane Gramley  1.814.271.9078 or 1.814.437.5355

Susquehanna Township Refuses to Weigh the Real Consequences

(Harrisburg) — Yesterday the American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA) once again faxed questions and scenarios for the Susquehanna Township Board of Commissioners to consider before tonight’s vote on a so-called “anti-discrimination” ordinance.  We have yet to hear anything from the commissioners.  Apparently, they are not willing to address the potential harm that will be done if the ordinance is passed tonight.

“Susquehanna Township homosexual activist Steve Dorko has heard two unsubstantiated reports of discrimination against homosexuals and is asking the Commissioners to pass an ordinance which includes ‘sexual orientation and gender identity’ language.  As of August 2008 Mr. Dorko was an instructional coach at Northside Elementary School in the Mechanicsburg Area School District.  Obviously he was not discriminated against even in a municipality without a sexual orientation ordinance,” noted Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA.

Pennsylvania does not have a problem when it comes to hiring homosexuals.  Those findings come from “Pride and Prejudice: Employment Discrimination against Openly Gay Men in the United States,” which was published in the September 2011 issue of the American Journal of Sociology.

We do know that there will be negative impact on Susquehanna Township businesses and residents.  Examples that the AFA of PA sent the commissioners to consider included:

  • A local Kmart in Philadelphia was forced to permit a man who thinks he is a woman to use the women’s fitting room to try on an outfit.  Because of the initial hesitancy of the employee all Kmart employees had to receive ‘sensitivity’ training.
  •  Under Minnesota’s sexual orientation law, a transgendered person filed suit after West Publishing, a large publisher of legal materials, requested the man stop using the women’s restroom after female employees complained that the man, who dressed like a woman, used the women’s bathroom. After several years of litigation, the employer “won” the legal case, but in the end had to pay significant amounts of money to defend this against this claim.

Do the Boy Scouts use any township buildings?  If so, Philadelphia is an example of what will happen to the Scouts if this discriminatory ordinance is passed tonight.  Homosexual activists continue trying to get the city to evict the Scouts from the headquarters they built and have maintained since 1929.  This on property the 1928 Philadelphia City Council gave them free use of in perpetuity.

And as Ted Martin with Equality PA admitted in June –  this is about the ability of transgenders to use the bathroom of their choice.

“Susquehanna Township has a decision to make tonight – one that has nothing to do with civil rights, but everything to do with a small but vocal group of activists who are seeking to redefine what is right and acceptable in Pennsylvania.   This ordinance is not necessary in Susquehanna Township or anywhere else.  The discrimination they claim does not exist.  There are already laws on the books to deal with harassment,” Gramley further stated.

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