August 8, 2012


Thank These Three Business Owners!


1.)  Last month an atheist filed a complaint with the PA Human Relations Commission against a Columbia restaurant owner because The Lost Cajun Kitchen gives a 10 percent discount on Sundays to anyone who presents a church bulletin.  The atheist, John Wolff, claims the practice discriminates against non-Christians.  Owner Sharon Prudhomme says business has been booming since the complaint was filed and support from around the world has poured in!  Let’s add our support.

2.)  Jack Phillips, the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colorado was approached last month by two homosexual men who planned on getting “married” and wanted him to bake them a wedding cake.  Mr. Phillips promptly told them his Christian beliefs would not permit him to bake such a cake.  The two homosexuals left amid a flurry of obscenities thrown at Mr. Phillips and they promptly posted their encounter on Facebook.  This has resulted in the Masterpiece Cakeshop being picketed and the start of an online petition demanding he change his policy.

Mr. Phillips has made it clear he will bake birthday cakes or graduation cakes or any other kind of cake for homosexuals, but draws the line at wedding cakes.  Since the controversy, he has seen his business double!

3.)  Philadelphia Wax Museum posted on their Facebook page on July 26th:   “We support Chick-fil-A. Romans 8:31”   If you are on Facebook check out and “Like” the July 26th post.  Also, check the comments as the owner is taking a lot of heat because of his Christian witness and his support of Chick-fil-A.

Action Steps

1.)  Contact the Lost Cajun Kitchen and thank Sharon Prudhomme for extending the 10 percent Sunday discount and for not backing down in light of a PA Human Relations Commission complaint and a possible lawsuit from the Freedom from Religion Foundation.  Phone number is (717) 684-1706  and email is  And if you live near Columbia and you want to stop in, here’s the address:  Prudhomme’s Lost Cajun Kitchen, 50 Lancaster Avenue, Columbia, PA  17512.

2.)  Contact Jack Phillips and thank him for remaining firm in his convictions as he takes a bold stand for traditional marriage.  Here’s his contact info:  303-763-5754 or email

3.)  Contact the founder of the Philadelphia Wax Museum, Robert Avery,  and thank him for his witness and his stand for Chick-fil-A and traditional marriage.  His email address is

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