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For Immediate Release:  August 16, 2012
Contact:  Diane Gramley  1.814.271.9078 or 1.814.437.5355

United Way — Sexual Orientation– and the Boy Scouts

(Harrisburg) — United Way of the Capital Region is meeting to determine if the Boy Scouts are still “eligible” for funding because of the Scouts ban on allowing homosexuals to serve as leaders or members.    The discussion involves New Birth of Freedom Council, which oversees Boy Scouts in Dauphin, Cumberland, Perry, York and Adams counties which serves 11,400 Scouts.  The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA) has contacted the United Way asking that they place the welfare of 11,400 boys ahead of politics.

“What is happening in Harrisburg right now is further evidence that people who support the Boy Scouts should give directly to the Scouts and not go through the United Way, which has become a politically correct organization in recent years,” Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA noted.

On July 31, 2003 the United Way of Southeastern PA pulled grants totaling more than $418,000 from the Cradle of Liberty Boy Scout Council (COLBSA) and the Chester County Council placing pressure on them to adhere to their pro-homosexual policies.  In this case the United Way targeted more than 87,000 boys who were part of those Scout Councils.  This was just another attack on COLBSA which has been under continued assault by the City of Philadelphia since 2002 trying to force them out of the headquarters they built and have maintained since 1929 on property the 1928 City Council gave them free use of in perpetuity.   After a federal jury’s verdict was in favor of the Scouts in 2010 and a federal judge ruled this past March Philadelphia owed the Scouts more than $877,000 in legal fees, the city appealed to the Third Circuit.  Attempts to settle the federal appeal ended last month and the case is now back into active litigation.

“The United Way continues to show it is willing to partner with those who want to force America to accept the homosexual lifestyle as safe and normal.  Its willing to attack the Scouts and ignore the research which shows the Scouts’ ban on allowing homosexuals to serve is the right choice,” further stated Gramley.

Some of that research includes:

A February 2000 study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that “… all but 9 of the 48 homosexual men preferred the youngest two male age categories.” These age categories were fifteen and twenty years old.

An October 2000 study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that “The best epidemiological evidence indicates that only 2 – 4% of men attracted to adults prefer men. In contrast, around 25 – 40% of men attracted to children prefer boys. Thus, the rate of homosexual attraction is 6-20 times higher among pedophiles.”

A study in the Journal of Sex Research noted that “… the proportion of sex offenders against male children among homosexual men is substantially larger than the proportion of sex offenders against female children among heterosexual men … the development of pedophilia is more closely linked with homosexuality than with heterosexuality.”

Homosexual leaders have also made the connection between pedophilia/pederasty and homosexuality:

Larry Kramer, founder of the homosexual group AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP), said that “In those cases where children do have sex with their homosexual elders, I submit that often, very often, the child desires the activity, and perhaps even solicits it, either because of a natural curiosity, or because he or she is homosexual and innately knows it. … And unlike girls or women forced into rape or traumatized, most gay men have warm memories of their earliest and early sexual encounters; when we share these stories with each other, they are invariably positive ones.”

One of the authors of The Big Gay Book said that “Sex between youths and adults is one of the most difficult issues in the gay movement. When does a youngster have the right and the power to make his own sexual decisions? How are laws against intergenerational sex used specifically to target gay men? What are the issues that make the romantic image of the Greek teacher and his student in times of antiquity turn into something ugly and forbidden in the modern age?”

Steve Hanson wrote in the homosexual magazine Bay Area Reporter “Shame on us if our lesbian/gay voices remain silent while our NAMBLA brothers are persecuted once again, and shame on those lesbians and gay men who will raise their voices to condemn NAMBLA, insisting that boy lovers (and presumably the boys they love and who love them) are not part of this thing called the lesbian/gay community.”

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