November 14, 2012


Thank the Hockey League for Not Banning the National Anthem


Here’s the way last week’s stories read:  Pennsylvania’s Interscholastic Hockey League (PIHL) says that at $300 an hour ice is too expensive to allow time for the National Anthem.  This week’s announcement to the 183 high schools which play in the league has rightfully caused quite an uproar.  The reason given for the ban is solely economic.  PIHL commissioner Ed Sam assures us that they are all patriotic, but with the cost of ice they just cannot afford the National Anthem.

This is posted on their website today:    SPECIAL STATEMENT: “The PIHL has not banned the National Anthem. A badly worded statement went out to teams about the subject and it has since been clarified and corrected. We apologize for the misunderstanding, but the National Anthem has not and will not be banned.” -md

Action Steps

Thank Pennsylvania’s Interscholastic Hockey League for not banning the National Anthem.    Call 412-401-4725 or email commissioner Ed Sam at to thank him.

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