November 15, 2012


Thanks Well Fargo for Donation to the Boy Scouts


Recently Wells Fargo, which is known to be a ‘gay-friendly’ company, donated used office furniture to the Cradle of Liberty Scout Council in Philadelphia.  Remember this is the Scout Council which has been under attack by homosexual activists for years trying to get the City to evict them from the headquarters they built and have maintained since 1929 on property the 1928 City Council donated to them!

With Wells Fargo’s donation of this used office furniture, Philadelphia homosexual activists are proving they are the real bullies and haters as they attack Wells Fargo’s donation!  For more details, read our news release here.

Action Steps

Contact Jim Baum, spokesman for Wells Fargo Northeast, and thank him for their donation to the Cradle of Liberty Scout Council.  Also ask if Wells Fargo will continue their support of homosexual causes after this attack by the Philadelphia homosexual activists.  You can call him at 610-316-1626 or email at


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