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For Immediate Release:  May 2, 2013
Contact:  Diane Gramley  1.814.271.9078 or 1.814.437.5355

Homosexual Event Equality Forum Begins in “Unchanged” Pennsylvania

(Harrisburg) — is lamenting that “Equality Forum” has opened in an “unchanged” Pennsylvania — meaning they are unhappy that PA has not legalized same-sex “marriage” or changed the PA Human Relations Act to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” language.  The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), a statewide traditional values group, would like to remind the Philadelphia Inquirer and others in Philadelphia that the majority of Pennsylvanians would be offended by what is presented at his week’s Equality Forum.

“The majority of Pennsylvanians do not want to be told their interpretation of Scripture and their Christian beliefs concerning homosexuality are wrong.  They do not want so-called same-sex “marriage” to be legalized and when explained of the full ramifications of adding ‘sexual orientation and gender identity’ to the PA Human Relations Act they do not support the change,” noted Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA.

In June 2011 Ted Martin, executive director of Equality Pennsylvania, acknowledged that the local so-called anti-discrimination ordinances his organization has pushed through, mainly in southeastern PA, also seeks to open the use of public restrooms to those gender-confused individuals who believe they were born in the wrong body.  Equality Forum’s “National Transgender Panel” and “Winning Equality by Battling Locally” shows that Equality Forum is right on board with Equality PA’s bathroom agenda.  Not really a surprise!

Many modern Quakers accept same-sex relationships as normal.  However William Penn would not agree.   The proprietor of what is now known as Pennsylvania, believed that government was an extension of God’s authority on earth.  The principles expressed in a 1679 work of William Penn were applied in the Laws of the Frame of Government of Pennsylvania – 1682.  Part of his 1679 writing goes as follows:  “That as a careless and corrupt administration of justice draws the wrath of God upon magistrates, so the wildness and looseness of the people provoke the indignation of God against a country:  therefore, that all such offenses against God as  . . . obscene words, incest, sodomy, rapes, whoredom, fornication . . . shall be respectively discouraged, and severely punished.”

“William Penn would be very offended that his City of Brotherly Love is being corrupted by the activities of Equality Forum this week.   However, he would be pleased that the colony he founded continues to resist the push to normalize activity which goes against the laws of nature and nature’s God,” Gramley concluded.

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