From Pennsylvanians Against Common Core:

State Board passes Common Core related standards

Yesterday, (9/12/13) the PA State Board of Education (an unaccountable board!) voted 13 – 4 to approve the “Keystone Exams” and adopt what the Board called “state-developed academic standards”. We heard the Secretary of Education Catherine Dumaresq tell us last night that what they adopted were NOT national Common Core standards, but state standards and that they included strict provisions against additional student testing above what PA currently has. Many opponents of Common Core question this, saying that these new standards are nearly identical to the national standards and that invasive testing will still occur.

Read the story from the Harrisburg Patriot News.

Things are not entirely clear on what was adopted at this early juncture, with some of our friends saying we won a victory and others saying it is just a smoke screen to cover Common Core implementation. We will be reviewing the actual proposal that was adopted along with transcripts of the Board meeting over the next several days and will report back to you.

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