September 26, 2013


1.)  Senator Ted Cruz Lights a “Fire” in Washington, DC

2.)  PA Marriage Protection Amendment Petition


1.)  It appears that Senator Harry Reid’s description of Senator Ted Cruz’ efforts on defunding Obamacare as a ‘waste of time’ has proven to be incorrect.  Senator Cruz’s 21 hour speech which ended at noon yesterday has resulted in a meltdown of the Capitol switchboard!

2.)  Pennsylvania needs a Marriage Protection Amendment and Representative Daryl Metcalfe has introduced a bill ( HB 1349 )  to begin the long process of amending Pennsylvania’s Constitution to define marriage as only between one man and one woman and to ban any substantially equivalent relationship as being recognized as marriage.  This two part amendment is necessary because the legalization of civil unions would be used as a stepping stone to legalize same-sex “marriage” in Pennsylvania as it has been in other states.  In fact the sponsor of the civil unions bill in Harrisburg recognizes this!  State Representative Mark Cohen,  in an April interview with the Philadelphia Gay News, said he hopes to follow Delaware, which introduced a civil-union bill in 2011 and now is moving toward marriage equality.

“I think this [bill] is a stepping stone — [marriage equality] might be possible someday, but as of right now, this is a stepping stone,” he said.

Homosexual activists and their allies recognize the power represented in the passage of a civil unions bill.  Additionally, states such as Colorado and Oregon which have passed a weak one-part Marriage Protection Amendment have legalized civil unions or same-sex domestic partnerships with all the rights of marriage!  That’s why it is so very important that any Marriage Protection Amendment be two part.

Action Steps

1.)  If you have not yet contacted Senator Bob Casey, Jr. or Senator Pat Toomey, please click here to check out our previous alert for details.

2.)  Sign our online petition asking your State Rep to support HB 1349    You may also download a petition to circulate by clicking here.  Return to the AFA of PA by November 15th.

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