September 14, 2022


A Senate Vote on the Misnamed “Respect for Marriage Act” is Planned This Week


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is pushing for a cloture vote in the Senate this week.  If successful, he will bring HR 8404 to the floor of the Senate next week for a final vote.   

Remember, he must get 60 votes in order for the cloture vote to be successful.  Thus, he needs 10 Republican Senators to cross the aisle and vote with all the Democrats.  Unfortunately, some GOP have indicated they are supportive of making ‘gay’ marriage the law of the land.

HR 8404 “The Respect for Marriage Act” would codify the US Supreme Court’s 2015 Obergefell decision that forced “same-sex marriage” on the country.  We already have numerous examples of how that decision has negatively impacted Christian bakers, florists, videographers, web designers, etc.  Even here in PA, the WW Bridal Boutique in Bloomsburg was forced to close because the Christian owners refused to make dresses for two lesbians who wanted to “marry”. 

Codifying ‘same-sex marriage’ into law has vast implications impacting thousands of federal laws!  Listen to our interview with Washington Times columnist Robert Knight, who was one of the authors of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) which defined marriage for federal purposes as only between one man and one woman.  Passage of HR 8404 would repeal DOMA!    

Action Steps

Contact Senators Casey and Toomey here and urge them to vote “nay” on HR 8404.


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