June 9, 2020


Allegheny County Council Seeks to Take Away Police Non-lethal Weapons


As cities consider defunding and disbanding police forces around the country, Allegheny County is taking a different and dangerous path.  Tonight the Allegheny County Council will consider an ordinance that has been introduced by Democrat Socialists Bethany Hallam and Olivia Bennett.  Remember council members Anita Prizio and Tom Duerr are also Democrat Socialists.   This proposal would create a new Chapter 600, entitled “Less Lethal Devices” in the Allegheny County Code of Ordinances, Division 5 “Health and Sanitation.”  The purpose of the ordinance would be to ban the use of  “tear gas, concussion grenades, ‘rubber bullets,’ and flexible baton rounds (commonly referred to as ‘bean bag rounds’).

There is no exemption within the language of the ordinance which would allow the police to use these devices.  So . . . just what are the police to use to quell violent rioters? 

Yesterday Firearms Owners Against Crime issued a press release opposing the ordinance. 

Action Steps Tonight the first reading of the ordinance is scheduled.  Contact your county council member and the two members at large.  You can call them at 412-350-6490 or email them here 

Let them know your thoughts on this proposal. 

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