October 31, 2012

Our hearts and prayers go out to those affected by Hurricane Sandy.  In Pennsylvania more than 200 bridges and roads were closed due to wind and flooding.  At least four people have been killed and the power outage is affecting 1.2 million Pennsylvanians.


1.)  How to Help Those Impacted by Hurricane Sandy

2.)  Pornography Awareness Week


1.)  Studies repeatedly show that conservatives are more likely to make charitable donations than liberals are.  The latter depends on the government to take care of the poor,  needy and devastated.  If you have time to listen, here’s the link to a lecture recorded at the Heritage Foundation which deals with this issue.

2.)  With those thoughts in mind, pornographers would not be listed as the top charitable givers!  This is Pornography Awareness Week – it runs through Sunday.  There are some actions you can take to educate yourselves on the dangers of pornography and also become aware of where the outlets of pornography are in your community.  Does your municipality have ordinances in place to regulate sexually oriented businesses?

Action Steps

1.)  Here are a few suggestions for charitable contributions to help those impacted by Hurricane Sandy:

Samaritan’s Purse: This is Franklin Graham’s relief ministry.   If you are interested in volunteering through Samaritan’s Purse, click here.

Salvation Army   I just heard of this organization yesterday on American Family Radio.  It’s run by Hollywood actor Stephen Baldwin and author Kevin McCullough.   They run XtreMedia and Xtreme Charities Foundation which is headquartered just outside New York City in New Jersey.   The Kevin McCullough Show can be heard on AFR Talk and he’s also a Fox News Contributor.

2.)  (a.)  Check out the list of events that are available through Morality in Media’s Porn Harms project here.  They can be viewed on their Facebook page here.  

(b) Conduct a Pornography Awareness Survey of your community – here’s the form.

(c)  Check with your local elected officials and see if your city, borough or township has passed zoning and licensing ordinances to regulate sexually oriented businesses.  If a pornographer is looking to set up shop, they are much more likely to locate where there are no restrictive ordinances in place.  The AFA of PA can provide model ordinances.

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