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November 27, 2015


The Turkey’s Eaten, Now It’s Time to Shop or Not!


This year we’ve seen a record number of corporations that have announced, through their actions, that they are anti- natural marriage and anti- family.

In April the state of Indiana was under assault after Governor Mike Pence signed a Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) which truly protected the First Amendment. Homosexual activists and their corporate allies went crazy and immediately began the attacks.   These Indiana-based companies threatened to pull out of the state if the legislature didn’t rework the law to assure homosexuals would never be discriminated against:

Angie’s List
Eli Lilly and Co.
Indiana University Health
Emmis Communications
Roche Diagnostics
Dow AgroSciences
Cook Group

Many other corporations joined the successful misinformation campaign. Click for the list of Corporations and CEOs that Participated in the Campaign of Falsehoods in Indiana. Even the City of Philadelphia joined in the fight!

About the same time this was all happening in Indiana, further south in Arkansas, Wal-Mart was pressuring Governor Asa Hutchinson not to sign that state’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act. He gladly complied and did not sign the bill to protect the First Amendment right of religious freedom of Arkansas citizens. FYI: The homosexual lobby group, Human Rights Campaign (HRC), has given Wal-Mart a 90% rating.

Additionally, over 300 corporations signed onto an amicus brief to the US Supreme Court asking the Justices to overturn the federal Defense of Marriage Act. Click for  the Corporate Signers of SCOTUS Brief

Keep in mind, in order to get a 100% rating from HRC, companies must have the following policies. This info is from the HRC website:

1.) non-discrimination policy includes sexual orientation and gender identity/expression
2.) provides domestic partner health insurance (including parity in spousal and partner COBRA, dental, vision and domestic partner legal dependent coverage)
3.) Parity in spousal/partner soft benefits (bereavement leave, supplemental life insurance, relocation assistance, adoption assistance, joint/survivor annuity, pre-retirement survivor annuity, retiree healthcare benefits, employee discounts
4.) Equal health coverage for transgender individuals without exclusion for medically necessary care (AFA of PA NOTE: this means they must cover sex reassignment surgery)
5.) Organizational LGBT cultural competency (diversity trainings, resources or accountability measures)
6.) Company-supported LGBT employee resource group or firm-wide diversity council that includes LGBT issues, OR would support a LGBT employee resource group with company resources if employees expressed an interest
7.) Engages in appropriate and respectful advertising and marketing or sponsors LGBT community events, organizations, or legislative efforts
In addition, HRC takes away points if the company engages in any action that HRC deems undermining of their “goal of LGBT equality.”

The homosexual lobby groups, Human Rights Campaign (HRC), has given the following companies a 100% rating:

Click here for the list.

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