January 10, 2014


State Marriage Defense Act Introduced


Rep. Randy Weber (R-Texas) has introduced the State Marriage Defense Act (H.R. 3829) to help states which define marriage either through a Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) or Marriage Protection Amendment (MPA) defend that definition within their state’s borders.

When the US Supreme Court struck down Section 3 of the Federal DOMA, they did not impose same-sex “marriage” on states, but left that decision up to the individual states.   What the justices didn’t do was clarify what the ruling meant for homosexuals who “wed” in a state where it was legal and then moved to one of the 33 states where it isn’t. For states, the uncertainty has been a legal and bureaucratic nightmare, as they try to sort out which laws apply to which couples.

Of course, the Obama administration has tried to fill in the blanks by ordering states to recognize all unions, regardless of what their individual constitutions or laws say. In doing so, the Obama administration has created what the Supreme Court specifically condemned: “two contradictory marriage regimes within the same state.” While the court didn’t strike down every state marriage law, the President has tried to — using the power of his federal agencies to offer Social Security, veterans, Medicaid, and other benefits to every couple (regardless of where they live) in a backdoor attempt to expand same-sex “marriage” to every state in America.

Action Steps

Go to our ACTION CENTER and ask your Congressman to sign onto Representative Weber’s State Marriage Defense Act — HR 3829.

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