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June 4, 2014


Homosexuals Use Marriage Ruling to Push for More Special Protections


As predicted homosexual activists are using Judge Jones’ May 20th decision declaring our Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional to push for the passage of the very dangerous SB 300  (It’s companion bill HB 300 is also currently in the State House.) They know their greatest hope for victory this legislative session is passage in the Senate, since almost half of the Senators have signed on as co-sponsors! These bills would add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to the PA Human Relations Act.   Homosexual activists say this law is needed to stop ‘gays’ from being evicted from their apartments and losing their jobs simply for being ‘gay,’ of course, never offering any documented proof that such is taking place.

Unlike what homosexual activists are saying, here’s what passage of either SB or HB 300 would really mean to business owners in PA. If you have deeply held religious beliefs that marriage between the same sex is wrong and you own a photographybakery  or florist  shop — tough! You will be forced to photograph, bake or provide flowers for a same-sex “wedding” or face fines. It doesn’t matter that you provide all those services to homosexuals at other times; you will be fined for not celebrating their “marriage.” If you don’t comply, you will lose your business.

If you own a business that makes T-shirts and you don’t want to celebrate “gay pride” – tough. You will be forced to do just that.

Bed and Breakfast owners will be targeted by homosexuals.

Even secular business owners will be impacted.

In Oregon, a bar owner was fined $400,000 for asking transgenders to stop coming to his bar and using the women’s restroom saying their actions were ruining his business.

In Maryland, one hair salon owner testified that she’ll lose business under a similar “non-discrimination” law. Like a lot of shop owners, she said the government can force her to hire transgenders, but it can’t force customers who are uncomfortable with them to come into her salon.

These bills must be stopped!

Action Steps

1.) Go to our ACTION CENTER to contact your State Senator asking that he or she oppose SB 300.

2.) Contact Senator Lloyd Smucker, chairman of the Senate State Government Committee, and ask him NOT to bring SB 300 up for a vote. His email address is and his phone number is (717) 787-6535.

3.) Write a letter to the editor outlining the dangers of SB 300.  These are very important because legislators closely monitor their local papers. Most papers have a 200 word limit.

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