March 19, 2021


Casey Votes to Advance Levine and to Confirm Becerra


On Wednesday in the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee Senator Bob Casey, Jr. voted with all his fellow Democrats and GOP Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski to advance the nomination of Dr. “Rachel” Levine to the Senate Executive Calendar for a floor vote.  Apparently, it’s okay with him to have a biological male wearing a dress to be the next US Assistant Health Secretary . . . as well as one who believes it’s okay for gender-confused young children to be placed on puberty blockers and then later be placed under the knife for genital mutilation in order to pursue the myth that they can become the opposite sex!  

Then on Thursday, Senator Casey again joined all his fellow Democrats and GOP RINO Susan Collins to confirm radical pro-abortion, anti-religious freedom Xavier Becerra to be the nation’s next Secretary of Health and Human Services. 

Action Steps

Senator Casey still describes himself as “pro-life,” but that description does not apply to someone who favors a gender confused man to be the next US Assistant Secretary of Health and especially does not apply to someone who supports an advocate of abortion up to birth.  Let Senator Casey know your thoughts on his actions on Wednesday and Thursday.

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