AFA of PA ACTION ALERTmerry-christmas-2

December 1, 2016


Guidelines for Christmas in Schools and on Government Property


Yes, Christmas time is here and so are the demands from the ACLU, the Freedom From Religion Foundation and other atheists groups to remove all evidence of the real reason for the season.   Government entities will be forced to remove nativity scenes from government property; schools will be accused of bullying because they allow the singing of Christmas carols or, to prevent such an accusation from being leveled, they will change the words to take out the “offensive” language.    To really play it “safe” some schools will call the upcoming break a “Winter Break” rather than a “Christmas Break”  and will even prevent candy canes from being handed out or “horror of horrors” those green and red napkins must go!  All the above has happened during past Christmas seasons, but it DOES NOT have to happen!

As Christians, we know the reason for the season and can wisely counter these efforts to rewrite what Christmas is all about.

Click here for action steps.

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