December 11, 2018


Congress is Still in Session and Needs to Do Its Job


Congress is still in Washington, DC working for the American people or so they claim.

However, outgoing Senator Jeff Flake, and member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has shut down any further confirmations of President Trump’s judicial nominees as he demands a floor vote on his bill to protect special counsel Robert Mueller.

Republicans in Congress, as a whole, have a poor track record of helping President Trump fulfill his campaign promises i.e.repeal Obamacare and build the wall  (or perhaps its simply a lack of good leadership!). With Democrats taking control in just a few weeks, their priority will not be to help President Trump!  However, the GOP still has time to act to protect our borders, to protect our nation’s sovereignty, before they leave DC.   

Action Steps

Contact your representatives in DC:  Senator Bob Casey, Jr. and Senator Toomey as well as your US Representative and ask them to include full funding for the wall. They need to also oppose any increase in the guest worker visa program and close the asylum loopholes. These should be included in the remaining spending bills that they are debating.

Additionally,call these leaders with the message – bring forward a spending bill that fully funds the wall, closes asylum loopholes and does not increase visas in the guest worker program:    Speaker Ryan: 202-225-0600 and Majority Leader McConnell: 202-224-2541

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