November 19, 2010


Philadelphia and the Boy Scouts – Well, Did They Or Didn’t They?


On Wednesday afternoon the Philadelphia solicitor and attorney for the Cradle of Liberty Scout Council (COLBSA) jointly announced a settlement.   A later story said that Councilman Darrel Clarke, in whose district the COLBSA headquarters sits, was expected to introduce an ordinance to finalize the settlement.

Just before Thursday morning’s City Council meeting Councilman Clarke said the announcement had been made prematurely and he had not decided to introduce the ordinance.  And a look at the agenda shows that to be true.  He is concerned because “neighborhood residents, representatives of the gay and lesbian community and the councilman himself had not been part of the recent negotiations.”     

Action Steps

1.) Call Council President Anna Verna at (215) 686-3412 or (215) 686-3413 and e-mail at Ask her to use her influence to convince Councilman Clarke to introduce the ordinance to finalize the sale of the Cradle of Liberty Scout Council headquarters to the Scouts so the City, in turn, can have its legal fees forgiven.

2.) Call Councilman Darrell Clarke at (215) 686-3442 or (215) 686-3443 and e-mail at ask him to stop balking at the settlement and to immediately do what is best for the Cradle of Liberty Scouts AND the city – introduce the ordinance.

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