March 30, 2023


Disney to Host LGBTQ Summit – Cracker Barrel is One of the Sponsors


In September Disney will host what has been billed the “largest LGBTQ+ conference in the world”.   Their loss of revenue over this issue is not deterring their promotion of this destructive lifestyle.  The Out & Equal Workplace Summit “brings together executives, ERG leaders and members, and HR and DEI professionals and experts – all working for LGBTQ+ equality.”   This effort would include opening the bathrooms to whomever i.e. a man who thinks he is a woman. 

There are the usual partners including Apple, Amazon, Bank of America, Capital One, Discover, HP, McDonalds, Microsoft, Target, Walmart, Wells Fargo to name only a few.   Click here for the full list of Out and Equal’s partners.

Cracker Barrel comes as a surprise, but their Diversity and Inclusion statement tells it all.  Check it out here  

Action Steps

Contact Cracker Barrel using their contact form here    You can also visit your local Cracker Barrel and politely express your disbelief that the company is one of this summit’s partners.

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