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August 18, 2016


Have You Met With Your State Rep and State Senator This Summer?


Since the beginning of state legislators’ summer break, homosexual activists have pledged to visit legislators’ offices and put pressure on them to support the homosexual special rights/bathroom bills — HB 1510  in the State House and SB 974  (and the bills it has been broken into – SB 1306, SB 1307 and SB 1316) in the State Senate).

Each of these bills would add “sexual orientation and gender identity or expression to components of the PA Human Relations Act, impacting employment, housing and public accommodations.  Homosexual groups are content with the breakup of SB 974 into the three bills allowing their desired goal to be reached piecemeal.  Just what is their desired goal?  It is using the force of law to demand that all Pennsylvanians celebrate their lifestyle choice.  (There is no ‘gay’ gene.)  It is forcing Christian bakers, florists, photographers/videographers, seamstresses, etc. to participate in same-sex “weddings.”  It is forcing all businesses with four or more employees to open their women’s  bathrooms, fitting rooms, locker and shower facilities to men and vice versa.   If a church or religious organization receives any type government monies, they would also be forced to comply.  Yes, there is a homosexual agenda.

Click here for more details and action steps.

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