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For Immediate Release:  June 17, 2010
Contact:  Diane Gramley   1.814.271.9078 or 1.814.437.5355

Pennsylvania Marine Caught in ‘Gay’ Drama
— Why Listen to 33 Generals and Not Over 1,000 or Global Warming vs. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

(Harrisburg)  — A Lehigh Valley marine finds himself caught in a drama that will likely become common if President Obama and Congress carry out their ill-conceived plan to lift the ban on open homosexuals in the military.  The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), a traditional values group, supports the 1993 law which codified into law the military’s longstanding ban on homosexuals serving in the military.  The AFA of PA views lifting the ban as a national security risk.

Over 1,000 retired flag and general officers (including 51 former four-star generals) have personally signed a statement in opposition to lifting the ban on homosexuals serving in the military.  This statement has been delivered to the President and Congress.

They also consider this issue to be a matter of national security.  The statement says in part, “We believe that imposing this burden on our men and women in uniform would undermine recruiting and retention, impact leadership at all levels, have adverse effects on the willingness of parents who lend their sons and daughters to military service, and eventually break the All-Volunteer Force.”

“It is disturbing that over 1,000 retired flag and general officers who oppose lifting the ban on  homosexuals in the military are ignored when they say it will negatively impact our national security.  Yet when 33 retired generals say so-called climate change must be dealt with now or it will impact our national security, Senators and Congressmen sit up and listen.  It is quite apparent our elected representatives are only listening to those who will further push their own agendas and are not really concerned about our national security,” commented Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA.

The weekend’s event did not involve a homosexual serviceman, but a homosexual male who, according to the Marines’ account, subjected them to unwanted verbal advances.  The Marines resulting physical assault on the homosexual may lead to federal hate crime charges after an investigation is completed.  If the President and Congress fulfill their payback plan to homosexual activists and open homosexuals are allowed to serve openly, fast forward a year from now:  place the homosexual from this weekend’s episode in uniform making verbal advances towards two Marines and ask how that confrontation will contribute towards unit cohesion and military readiness.  The answer is it will not.

A recent review of the “case synopses” of all 1,643 reports of sexual assault reported by the four branches of the military for Fiscal Year 2009 suggests that homosexuals in the military are about three times more likely to commit sexual assaults than heterosexuals are, relative to their numbers.    Lifting the ban on homosexuals serving will force service members to shower and bunk with those who are sexually attracted to them resulting in additional confrontations between homosexual and heterosexual members.

“National security should be a top priority for those in the White House and Congress.  To ignore the warning from over 1,000 flag and general officers when it comes to the danger of lifting the ban on homosexuals in the military, but listening to 33 generals who say global warming is a national security risk is ludicrous and shows a total lack of true concern for our nation’s security,” Gramley concluded.

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