March 19, 2010


Health Care Showdown – Vote will probably come on Sunday.


It looks like the showdown will be this weekend.  Will the House vote to turn over one-sixth of the economy to the federal government?  Will the House vote to federally fund abortions?  Will the House vote to mandate that all Americans get health care coverage or pay a fine?  Will the House vote to require that all employers provide health care coverage to all employees including part-time employees or pay a $7,000 per full-time employee fine?  Click here to see if your Congressman voted to table Eric Cantor’s resolution condemning the “Deem and Pass” Slaughter Solution.  Click here for more information on the outrageous way in which the Democrats are trying to force this on America.

Remember that in addition to the federal funding of abortion, the mandate to purchase insurance is still part of this bill.  Did you know that if you don’t get insurance, you will have to pay a fine?  If you have not paid the fine, the IRS will be given the authority to take it from any tax refund that you may be getting!  The bill will require the IRS to grow by 17,000 new workers to be able to make sure all taxpayers are in compliance with the insurance mandate.   The way the bill is designed the benefits will be up front and the cost will not kick in for several years – after the 2012 election.  For more information on the ‘health care reform’ bill, click here. (Note this bill also eliminates several student loan programs!  Check out page 2, Title II.)

Action Step

1.)  Even if you’ve called your Congressman about the health care bill, they need to hear from you again!  Apparently some of them haven’t heard or understood our concerns.  Click here for contact information.  It is imperative that you call both their DC office AND the district office nearest you.  Their DC offices are scheduled to be open tomorrow.  No matter what Congressmen may say, the procedural vote Sunday is actually a vote for the health care ‘reform’ bill.  (the President confirmed that in the interview on Fox earlier this week)

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