March 22, 2010

Issues  (check corresponding number in ‘Details’ and ‘Action’ Sections)

1.)     How’d they vote on health care?

2.)    Text of Proposed Executive Order


1.)     Click here to see how your Congressman voted on the health care bill last night.

2.)    The deal that caused Congressman Bart Stupak, and thus his entire coalition of “pro-life Democrats”, to cave centers around an Executive Order that President Obama will issue.  Click here to read its text.  Can a President issue an executive order to serve as an ‘amendment’ to a bill?  Our Constitution provides for the separation of powers, is this executive order unconstitutional?  Will the courts ultimately decide the issue of abortion funding in the health care bill?

Action Steps

1.)     After checking the Congressional Scorecards linked above, give your Congressman a phone call and let them know your thoughts on his/her vote last night.  Click here for contact info.

2.)    Click here to read more information on executive orders.

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