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November 12, 2015


Houston Bathroom Bill Fails Because Church United to Oppose


The question is can we do the same here in PA? Last Tuesday the fourth largest city in the US voted down the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) 61% to 39%. A clear message was sent that women do not want men in their restrooms, locker or shower room facilities at the local Y or health club. Sane men don’t want their wives or daughters forced into such situations either! One thing we must make very clear is that passage of HB 1510 or SB 974 here in PA would do just that. These bills are not “anti-discrimination” as their supporters claim, but instead will be used (as such laws have been used in other states) to discriminate against those with deeply held religious beliefs that homosexuality is wrong; they will also be used to discriminate against those who don’t want men in the women’s bathroom, locker room or shower rooms! Even bars have been fined for turning “transgender women,” that’s men who think they are women, away from the women’s restroom in their business. A bar in Portland Oregon was fined $400,000!

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