May 4, 2017


How Did Your Congressman Vote?


Yesterday in the House the $1.1 trillion spending package passed that will fund the US government until the end of the fiscal year — September 30th.  HR 244 passed by a vote of 309 to 118 with 103 Republicans voting against the bill.

Conservative Republicans said they’re disappointed the final plan doesn’t reflect that Republicans hold the levers of power in Washington.

Rep. Justin Amash, R-Mich., who voted no, did not mince words in his assessment of the spending legislation beforehand tweeting:   New funding bill is an embarrassment. More spending, more debt, no genuine compromise. Irresponsible and disrespectful to American people.

“I don’t see it as a win for conservatives,” Rep. Scott Perry, (R-PA-4)., who also voted no, said at the conservative lawmakers’ meeting with reporters, which occurred before the vote. “While there are some good things in it that conservatives want, the hallmark things that most of us ran on are conspicuously absent.”

The bill included:

  • $21 billion in new defense spending
  • $1.5 billion for border security (for new technology and to reinforce existing fencing)
  • blocked new money for Obamacare
  • does not defund Planned Parenthood
  • does not restrict sanctuary cities
  • reduced the number of jobs at the Environmental Protection Agency (will force the EPA to maintain staffing levels at 15,000 — the lowest since Ronald Reagan left office)
  • $331 million more for airport security
  • $2 million more for the National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities
  • $137 million more for Customs and Border Protection
  • no cuts for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting
  • Ends First Lady Michelle Obama’s unpopular school lunch program

Action Steps

The supporters of this bill say they will take the fight to defund Planned Parenthood and build the wall to  the battle over the 2018 budget.  Sound familiar?

Let your Congressman know your thoughts on his vote to continue funding Planned Parenthood and not building the wall.  Here’s how PA’s delegation voted:

Barletta (R) —   Yea  (District Office:    (570) 751-0050)
Boyle (D) — Yea    (District Office:   (610) 270-8081)
Brady  (D)–  Yea    (District Office:  (267) 519-2252)
Cartwright (D)–  Yea    (District Office:  570-341-1050)
Costello (R) — Yea     (District Office:   (610) 696-2982)
Dent (R) —  Yea    (District Office:   (610) 770-3490)
Doyle (D) —  Yea    (District Office:   (412) 664-4053)
Evans (D) — Yea    (District Office:   215-276-0340)
Fitzpatrick (R) — Yea    (District Office:   (215) 579-8102)
Kelly (R) —  Yea    (District Office:    (724) 342-7170)
Marino (R) — Yea    (District Office:   570-322-3961)
Meehan (R) —  Yea    (District Office:   (610) 690-7323)
Murphy (R) —  Yea    (District Office:   (724) 850-7312)
Perry (R) —  Nay    (District Office:   717-635-9504)
Rothfus (R) — Nay    (District Office:  (814) 619-3659)
Shuster (R) —  Yea   (District Office:  814.696.6318 or 1.800.854.3035)
Smucker (R) —   Yea    (District Office:   (717) 393-0667 or 1-888-217-0231)
Thompson (R) —  Yea    (District Office:   (814) 827-3985)

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