July 13, 2017


How’d Your Congressman Vote on Transgenders in the Military?


The final vote on the Hartzler Amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act of 2018 was 209 Ayes and 214 Nays.  This amendment would have banned taxpayer dollars from being used for “sex reassignment surgeries”  in the military.  Twenty four Republicans and 190 Democrats voted ‘Nay.”  Of those 24 Republicans,  four were from Pennsylvania  — Charlie Dent, Ryan Costello, Brian Fitzpatrick and Bill Shuster!

Here’s the Roll Call Vote.   Here’s how PA Congressmen voted:

Barletta, Lou (R)– Aye

Boyle, Brendan (D) — Nay

Brady, Robert (D) — Nay

Cartwright, Matthew  (D) — Nay

Costello, Ryan (R) — Nay

Dent, Charlie (R) — Nay

Doyle, Michael  (D) — Nay

Evans, Dwight  (D) — Nay

Fitzpatrick, Brian (R) — Nay

Kelly, Mike (R) — Aye

Marino, Tom  (R) — Aye

Meehan, Patrick (R) — Aye

Murphy, Tim  (R) — Aye

Perry, Scott  (R) — Aye

Rothfus, Keith  (R) — Aye

Shuster, Bill  (R) —  Nay

Smucker, Lloyd  (R) — Aye

Thompson, GT  (R) — Aye

Action Steps

Contact your Congressman and let him know your thoughts on this vote.  Click here for contact info.   If you don’t know who your Congressman is, enter your zip code in the upper right hand corner of this contact page and click “Go.”

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