December 30, 2015


Just Hours Away From the Deadline!


This year is quickly drawing to a close and so is your opportunity to make a tax-deductible donation to the AFA of PA.

Throughout 2015, the AFA of PA has sought to keep you informed of issues important to the family and traditional values not only in Pennsylvania, but across the nation. This year has brought increased attacks upon our rights — especially our religious freedoms — and we expect to see more attacks in 2016. As we’ve seen abortion and homosexual advocates openly join forces to re-educate the American public on the “need” to become more tolerant of the issues they are pushing, we’ve also seen an increased attack upon our First Amendment right of the freedom of speech. We’ve heard US Attorney General Loretta Lynch tell Muslim activists that she has their back and will seek to prosecute anyone whose speech may lead to attacks against Muslim in the US. It seems like there is an attack on our values on a daily basis!

President Obama has keep his promise to fundamentally change America! PA now has a governor who seems intent upon doing the same within this commonwealth.

In 2016 the AFA of PA will continue exposing corporate sponsors of “gay” pride parades, educating on the dangers of so-called same-sex marriage and adoption by homosexuals and educating on the dangers of passing laws which include the words sexual orientation and gender identity. As you well know, there is a big push in Harrisburg to pass just such a law. We’ll continue educating on the dangers of pornography, the link between “gentlemen’s clubs” and human trafficking and urging municipalities to pass ordinances to regulate all sexually oriented businesses. 2016 is a pivotal year in American history and the AFA of PA will provide a non-partisan presidential voter guide that can be used in churches. We have much planned for 2016, but none of it can be accomplished without your continued prayer and financial support.

I was recently honored to be named one of the “Top Ten Pro-Family Heroes of 2015” by Abiding Truth Ministries.   You can read the article here

If you think the work we are doing at the AFA of PA is making a difference, would you please consider making an end of the year donation so that we can continue our work in 2016. We operate on a shoe string budget and receive no financial assistance from the national office of the American Family Association — so we are totally dependent upon the donations we receive from our supporters.

You can give online here  Your tax-deductible donation via PayPal must be made before 11:59:59 December 31st. If you choose to mail in a donation, it must be postmarked by December 31st.

Again, thank you for your continued support and may God bless you in 2016.

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