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August 26, 2016


Bill Allowing Schools to Post National Motto Awaits Senate Leadership for Action


Our national motto celebrated its 60th Anniversary on July 30th, 2016.  Are our school children being taught that this is our real national motto?  Or are they being taught that E Pluribus Unum is — as President Obama and others, including Hillary Clinton who stated such in her acceptance speech at the Democrat National Convention, assert?  Probably they are being taught the latter, but now is an opportunity to place the real national motto front and center before them every school day!

Check out our Blog post for more background on our National Motto .

HB 1640 is legislation that encourages the display of our national motto and the Bill of Rights in classrooms and other areas of public school buildings.  This is already settled law; the Supreme Court has ruled as recently as 2010 that our motto is a “secular phrase” reflecting our spiritual and patriotic heritage and, does not violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, but many schools are still hesitant to post our national motto for fear of an ACLU lawsuit!

Click here for more info and action steps.

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