November 2, 2013


A Chance to Voice Your Concerns About Common Core


On September 12th, the PA State Board of Education voted to approve the “Keystone Exams” and adopt what the Board called “state-developed academic standards”.  Here’s what they adopted:

1.)  Changes the name of the standards from Pennsylvania Common Core Standards to Pennsylvania Core Standards  (NOTE:  This is only a name change to appease those who oppose Common Core; their mission has not changed!)

2.)  Clarify that the state standards are applicable only to public schools and do not apply to private, religious or homeschooled students.  (NOTE:  Remember the College Board is now headed by David Coleman — the non-educator who is architect of Common Core — the SAT is being remolded to comply with Common Core)

3.)  Clarify that the state will not require school entities to utilize a statewide curriculum or statewide reading lists.  (NOTE:  Check out the 183 page list of recommended texts here. For more about Common Core’s porn problem click here.   The pro-homosexual, anti-Christian Southern Poverty Law Center  has contributed to the effort here. )

4.)  Clarify that Pennsylvania will not participate as a governing state in any consortium for the development of a national assessment,  (This is not news!  PA departed from the testing consortium back in June.)

5.)  Clarify that PDE will not expand the collection of student data  (NOTE:  They do not say they will stop their already extensive collection of student data!  Click here to check it out.)

To give you an idea about how Common Core math works watch this 3rd grade student figure out this “hard” addition problem.   Check out Lattice Multiplication.    More from Hoosiers Against Common Core here.  

Before Common Core is made into law, the public is given an opportunity for their input.

Action Steps

1.)  If you’d like to download and read the regs, click here  and on the bottom right hand side of that page click on “Download final regulation” under the purple header.

2.)  Submit your comments opposing the 264 page Final Regulation on Common Core before November 5th.  Please note all comments are a matter of public record and will be posted on the IRRC website.   To post your comments, click here.   Fill out all the required information preceded by an *; in the subject line place “Regulation #6 – 326: Academic Standards and Assessment and IRRC # 2976.”  Leave your message concerning Common Core.  Feel free to use the information above.    You might also consider a question about the cost, since no cost analysis has been done!

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