September 1, 2022


School is in Session  – Did you know. . .


School children are beginning the new school year.  Did you know:

Students can be dismissed for up to 36 hours per school year to attend religious instruction.  Is there anyone or any organization in your school district heading up this effort to provide religious instruction?  What PA law says  

You can opt your child out of surveys which may collect personal data or activities on the student or student’s family.  Be forewarned that many school districts simply send a notice home about an upcoming survey and gives the parent an “opportunity” to opt their child out.  If the parent does not respond, the school assumes it’s okay with the parent.  Question:  How many of these forms actually make it into the hands of parents??     More info here 

You can opt-your child out of certain types of instruction.  You can legally review ALL your students’ instructional material.  School districts have differing policies as to the opt out process, so contact your school district to find out what that is.  Talk with your child’s teacher(s) about the opt-out form that you will be submitting to the school.  NOTE:  The teacher may not always “remember” your desires, so make sure your child knows and is willing to ask to be excused from the instruction he or she knows you do not approve.  Of course, beware of LGBTQ indoctrination and pro-abortion indoctrination, but also be very wary of Social Emotional Learning or SEL.  This can be very destructive also.  And there’s critical race theory (CRT) which is designed to create racism and instill an oppressed vs oppressor mentality within the student body.  This can be interwoven into all subjects!

Action Steps

Now is the time to take steps to protect our children from further indoctrination!

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