May 4, 2017


Judicial Voter Guides Available for Primary Election


May 16th is the Primary Election in PA.  If you won’t be able to vote in your polling place because of work, sickness or some other extenuating circumstances, you can apply for an absentee ballot.  The deadline to apply is May 9th and the completed absentee ballot must be returned by Friday, May 12th.  Here’s the link with instructions.   Page 3 has the address you need to use to mail the completed application or you can drop it off at your county courthouse voter registration/election office.

There are only statewide judicial races  — Supreme Court, Superior Court and Commonwealth Court — as well as local Court of Common Pleas, city/borough mayors, district attorneys, sheriffs, corners, borough council/township supervisor and other local positions.

Remember PA has a closed primary – meaning Republicans can only vote for Republicans and Democrats can only vote for Democrats.

Action Steps

The AFA of PA has spent hours researching the candidates for statewide judicial races.   Check out the Judicial Candidate Endorsements

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