June 28, 2013


Activists Will Use the Supreme Court Decision to Challenge PA’s DOMA


Those seeking to redefine marriage in Pennsylvania have been emboldened by Wednesday’s United States Supreme Court decision to declare Section 3 of the federal Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional.  Will the PA legislature finally get the message that immediate action needs to be taken to protect one man one woman marriage?  For years we’ve been telling them the day would come when our state Defense of Marriage Act would be challenged – that day has arrived!  Now, will your State Representative have enough courage to step forward?

Representative Daryl Metcalfe has introduced a Marriage Protection Amendment – HB 1349.   This would give the voters of Pennsylvania an opportunity to vote on protecting one man one woman marriage through a constitutional amendment.  Now that the threat is eminent, will more legislators step forward and co-sponsor the bill or will they just pretend Wednesday’s decision has nothing to do with Pennsylvania?  The question is:  Who has the courage to stand up against those seeking to redefine marriage in Pennsylvania?

Action Steps

1.)  If your State Representative is not listed as a co-sponsor to HB 1349,  contact him or her by going to our ACTION CENTER to send an email asking for co-sponsorship of the bill.

2.)  More effective would be a phone call and visit to a district office near you.   Click here for contact information.

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